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#SavetheLightsAFOLS - 2016 #SavetheLights Press Release

Download a Digital Copy Here – AFOLS – 2016 #SavetheLights Press Release


Volunteers Urgently Needed!

New 2016 Electrical Codes mean we need to upgrade all of our Christmas Light Displays to GFCI Compliance.  We are urgently seeking businesses, groups, families and individuals willing to adopt a display, and help us we the rewiring.  No Experience Needed! Please contact our Coordinator ASAP if you are able to help! coordinator.afols@gmail.com

Flashing/Strobing Lights?

One of our displays within the park is our Dancing Lights, which has Christmas lights flashing to the sound of Christmas music.  As well, there are some areas in the park with slow-moving, animated lighting.  If there are concerns, or you would like more information please send a request through our website.


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