To reach the Airdrie Festival of Lights:

From Calgary and other locations south of Airdrie, take Deerfoot Trail and Highway 2 to the third Airdrie exit (Veteran’s Blvd); stay left on the exit and travel west about 1 kilometer, while moving to the inside (left) lane. Turn left at the traffic signals at Main Street, then travel 2.7 km south, and turn right into Nose Creek Park.

(You can also access the Festival from the first northbound Airdrie exit, which is a less scenic route. From the first exit ramp, turn left, and travel west on (Yankee Valley Blvd) about 1 kilometer, to the traffic lights at Main Street. Turn right onto Main Street, and travel north about 1 kilometer, then turn left into Nose Creek Park.)

From Red Deer and locations north of Airdrie, take the first southbound exit into Airdrie, turn right off the ramp and travel west on Veterans’ Blvd. about 1 kilometer, while moving into the inside lane. Turn left at the Main Street traffic lights and then travel south 2.7 km, and turn right into Nose Creek Park.

If you use a GPS, enter Nose Creek Park, or Nose Creek Valley Museum at 1701 Main Street (the park is located directly behind the museum).

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6 Responses to Location

  1. J.E says:

    I heard this is a dog friendly location , is this true?

    • Michelle Pirzek says:

      Pets on leash are always welcome, we just ask that they do not enter the heated entertainment tent. It can get pretty smelly pretty quick otherwise.

  2. Mary Middleton says:

    Where is the upper parking lot?

    • Michelle Pirzek says:

      When you enter off of Main Street, you will see the museum on your left, and if you continue into the park, there is a chain link fence area, with a large sign designating Cars and Trucks to Park Here. This chain link area is our main (upper) parking lot. We also have limited handi-cap parking stalls in the lower area, close to the Poinsettia Arch entrance. ~ Michelle

  3. April says:

    Is this a walk or drive around light display

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