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The week's events

  • Torch Light Theatre
  • Bert Church High School Choir
  • Community Links ~ Kid's Crafts
    Santa Visit
  • SBDC ~ Star Dance Company
    Airdrie Public Library ~ Story Time
  • Chinook Gate ~ Meet Santa's Reindeer!
    Ambition Performing Arts
  • Muriel Clayton ~ Middle School Choir
    Anacrusis ~ A Capella Carols Of The Season
    Nose Creek Players ~ Character Meet & Greet!
  • Hometown Hockey Pride!
    SBDC ~ Star Dance Company

31 Responses to Events | Calendar

  1. Nicole says:

    I cant find santa schedule?

    • Michelle Pirzek says:

      HI Nicole, if you’re on a mobile device you’ll have to open each day to see what’s on the calendar. I’ll be adding a graphic that hopefully helps also.

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