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City View Newspaper – September 18, 2014 Edition

City View ArticleNew Train Display – Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Shawnee Hoffman for her submission of a Brand New Train Display for the 2014 season!

In conjunction with our City of Airdrie’s CIF Grant Application Approval the Airdrie Festival of Lights Society in cooperation with the Creative Airdrie Society announced a call for artists to submit original artwork for a new light display.  After reviewing several amazing applications in a variety if age groups, we are pleased to announce Shawnee’s design is currently being developed to be installed for the 2014 Festival of Lights season.

 The Outcome:

The winning artist of the winning design will receive a $100 honorarium, plus $1,000 for working with the development team to create the final installation. Display construction may consist of steel frames, strings of lights, mesh lights or LED curtains.

The the winning artist will also have an opportunity to earn a further $1,000 commission by designing a series of train cars/characters to match the locomotive design.

For more information:

Airdrie Festival of Lights Society: Erin Phillips

Creative Airdrie Society: Sherry Shaw-Froggatt 403.807.1272

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