Did You Know…

  • The AFOL is an independent, non-profit society that is run by a Volunteer Board of Directors.  They work throughout the year, meeting monthly to assess, plan, and implement everything needed to put on this event year after year.
  • In 2013, thanks to our volunteers we recorded over 2600 volunteer hours from November 23, to January 6 alone.  That doesn’t include the hundreds and hundreds of hours in our off season.
    • Speaking of, we have volunteer opportunities all year long, with specific projects in the warmer months, including maintenance of our displays.
  • We partner with several other local organizations and groups in the off-season, providing equipment and volunteers to help their events run successfully too.
  • We also partner with organizations off season, including work release programs as well as allowing individuals an opportunity to work off community service hours.
  • We believe the spirit of volunteerism lies within our youth population, and work very hard to mentor those youth, helping them appreciate that sense of giving back within their community.
  • We offer a fundraising program for local youth groups and other not for profit organizations in exchange for volunteer hours.


To learn more about the different volunteer opportunities, click on the links below, or contact us using the form below.

2016 – AFOLS Job Descriptions

2016 Volunteer Application

2016 Approved AFOL Group Application

2016 AFOLS Amended ERP

And to those who give so generously of their time, we say,

Thank You Very, Very Much!

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